Friday, 14 September 2012

Four Websites...

…that I think you should know about.
Into The treasure box amy edwards green ghost signs advertising typography
Ghost Signs. I absolutely love typography and I have a passion for time's past also, so I was pretty excited when I read an article about Ghost Signs in The Simple Things magazine. I have always been fascinated with vintage text and there are some beautiful examples on their website. Find out more about Ghost Signs here.

Into the treasure box Amy Edwards Green Inspiration Kingston Uni
Lobster & Swan. Lobster & Swan is a beautifully curated blog, the perfect mix of art and photography. Find out more about Lobster & Swan here.
Into the treasure box Amy Edwards Green Inspiration Kingston Uni
Illustration Friday. Illustration Friday is a project based website, each week a theme is chosen, and visitors to the site are encouraged to submit drawings, doodles and artwork pertaining to said theme. I love prompt websites - perfect if you're having a bit of creative block, it's really interesting to see how the themes are interpreted by different artists too. Find out more about Illustration Friday here.

Into The Treasure Box Amy edwards Green Kingston Uni Websites
Print & Pattern. This is a design blog run by Bowie Style, author of two books of the same name, and was named one of the World's Fifty Best Design Blogs by The Times Online. It's collection of designs and prints, sometimes showcasing a range for a particular designer, sometimes showing displays photographed in shops. I love the wide variety of design styles, patterned on ceramics, fabrics, wallpaper etc, that are featured. Find out more about Print & Pattern here.

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