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Into The Treasure Box Amy Edwards Green
Hello! I'm Amy Edwards Green, chronic over-user of the black fine liner, welcome to my Illustration Design Blog. Here's a little bit of background information before we get started…
Into The Treasure Box
I'm most likely to be found in possession of a half finished knitting project or a Harry Potter book. After a gap-year-that-turned-into-two-gap-years, I'm now about to study Illustration and Animation at Kingston University.
Into The Treasure Box
Into The Treasure Box Into The Treasure Box Into The Treasure Box Into The Treasure Box
You can find out the facts behind these images by looking here.
Into The Treasure Box Amy Edwards Green
It goes without saying, although I shall say it anyway, I love drawing. I love recording details, whether photographically, or in a sketchbook / scrapbook / art journal, or via my blog. This summer I did a little drawing tour of the Surbiton / Kingston area, as I was exploring the area I'd moved in to.Into the treasure box
 This was a really interesting little project - giving me an excuse to wander through town with my eyes peeled. I think I'm going to add some further drawings to this little 'tour' as I find out more about the area. You can see more in this set on my flickr.
Into The Treasure Box Amy Edwards Green Into the treasure box Apart from drawing, I love crafts and making things, in this respect I am very inspired by the work of Kaffe Fassett. My hands aren't happy unless they're working. I'm a knitter, a knitting teacher, a (beginner) crocheter, a spinner, a dyer and an occasional scenery painter. I like to keep busy.
Into The treasure box Stories, History and Hard Work are the things that inspire me most. I love books and writing and libraries. My visit to Magma could have very easily emptied my bank account and cost me my student loan, but I managed to restrain myself to just one purchase, the fabulous Little Big Books Illustrations for Children's Picture Books. into the treasure box
Something I am really fond of, are items with a history. I love second-hand things, whether 'heirlooms' passed down from family members, things picked up in charity shops, vintage stores and eBay auctions, or historical artefacts in museums such as the V&A. 
Into The Treasure Box
You can see a few more drawings from the V&A here.

I went to Charleston Farmhouse in Sussex over the summer to see the Rob Ryan exhibition and the house itself turned out to be even more inspirational than Rob's work (which as a big Rob Ryan fan, says something).
Into The Treasure Box Amy Edwards Green
Charleston was the home of the artists Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant, together with their friends collectively known as the Bloomsbury Group. Something that resonated with me, was that almost everything was decorated. Walls were hand painted with elaborate patterns, lampshades were pottery creations by Vanessa's son Quentin, exquisitely patterned fabrics adorned furniture and windows, fire surrounds were painted in Vanessa's bright colour palette. You can read more about my visit to Charleston here.
Into THe Treasure box amy edwards green Into THe Treasure box amy edwards green

Here's a quick round-up of some of the things that have been getting my creative juices flowing recently…
Into the treasure box olympics
The sixty-second countdown animation to the start of the opening and closing Olympic ceremonies. Photographs and video clips of numbers seen around London, edited into a countdown, a really effective animation that captured my attention, before the ceremony had even started. I love photography and I'm fascinated by details, like door numbers, that are generally overlooked. Watch the clip here.

Into the treasure box
Rob Ryan's ceramic work exhibition. See more images here.
Into The Treasure Box
The work for sale at Renegade Craft Fair London. You can read more about my experience at Renegade here.

And finally, predictions for the future...
Into The Treasure Box

In the future I hope to be someone who does things, not someone who merely dreams of doing them. You can see some of the things I'd like to be in ten years time, here.

Thankyou for joining me on my newest journey.

For day-to-day adventures and general craftiness, check out my personal blog The Happy Daisy.

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